jasminemenagerie sent:
stop that you deserve the recognition more than at least the jasmine loser

Don’t test meweenie

you deserve all the recognition bby

pees on you

idrawboobs sent:
*gives u tonnes of recognition and appreciation for your skill and coolness*


shhh thank you tho;;; hhh

wirsindnichts sent:
can't forget about you, dork. you're amazing as well >:U

Cricket I will actually pee on u


Anonymous sent:
Just wanted to let you know your blog and your art are amazing as hell.


thank you;o;

smooches your sweet face„

qwiretrolls sent:
It has been a privilege to watch you grow as an artist. I am glad that you didn't let yourself get discouraged and kept drawing all together. You art has improved dramatically and you have since improved alot since I started following you. Keep up the good work, always enjoy seeing you on my dash.

HHhh thank you;;

Happy it’s improved„„ yeah mostly trying to keep it fun, smooches you man;;; 2 nice a dude

But rlly tbh you should send nice things to this person and this one 2 Woop woop and here too

Reblog this for someone to send you a compliment, anon or not, about your character, writing, art, or anything really.


Alot of people in the community I have noticed are feeling pretty sad tonight. Why don’t we play a cheer up game in which we all send something nice to one another? Reblog if you want a compliment, anon or not, sent to your inbox.


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Also I got around to making my flightrising sideblog so not spamming my fantrollblog w/ dragon stuff


Bats are really cool and I love them.

Mini Money Giveaway



Because all of you nerds are suddenly into flight rising for some reason and also there’s like 200+ of you, mini giveaway.

Like, reblog, whatever the hell.

Whoever wins will get 360+k moneys. For all I know that’s not much anymore but hey, who complains about free pennies right?

I’ll draw whenever. Tomorrow maybe. Who knows.

Final rebloge of this.

I’ll draw when I wake up tomorrow.

Then free money will happen.


this is important reblog this if youre a homestuck rp blog and something ~*~ unknown ~*~  will happen. likes dont count. get on it

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